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Edwin Lombard Management, Inc

Public Relations | Communications | Community Outreach


Past & Current Partial Client List

  • Alliance for Jobs and Environmental Equity
  • AmericanAcademy of Ophthalmology
  • AmericanChemical Council
  • California Black Chamber of Commerce
  • CaliforniaJobs Initiative
  • CaliforniansAgainst Higher Taxes
  • Citizens for Fire Safety Institute
  • Citizens for Tech and Video Choice
  • FreeFile Alliance
  • No OnProp 87
  • StopHigher Gas Taxes
  • VerizonWireless
  • Western States Petroleum Association
  • Yes onProp 23

Fundraising & Event Planning

Partial Client List

  • Allen Wayne Warren for City council 2012
  • BEO Jerome Horton
  • Assemblymember Tony Mendoza
  • Assemblymember Wilmer Amina Carter, Wilmer Amina Carter Foundation
  • Bobby Jackson Foundation
  • Sacramento Tree Foundation
  • Sigma Pi Phi Regional BoulĂ© Christmas Event
  • Sigma Pi Phi 17th Biennial Pacific Regional Convention 2013
  • "Song for Cesar" Cesar Chavez Foundation
  • Sacramento Observer Newspaper
  • Mayor Kevin Johnson, Greenwise Foundation
  • NaviStar, Inc.
  • Manna Clean
  • California Legislative Black Caucus