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Our Mission Is To Provide:

  • Resources for Black businesses

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  • Reform to the black community.

We accomplish this through community outreach, advocacy, consulting, event coordination, and social media marketing. We hope to close the gap on the lack of representation for Black Americans in the great State of California.

Edwin A. Lombard III

Edwin A. Lombard III President and Chief Executive Officer of ELM Strategies Former President and Chief Executive Officer of The California African American Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Lombard is the President and CEO of ELM Strategies, a division of Edwin Lombard Management, Inc., a Public Relations, Communications, and Community Engagement Firm. ELM Strategies endeavors to steer Black business and the Black Community as a systemic gateway strategically utilized as an effective and influential voice on legislative, and regulatory matters.

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Current Updates

June 20, 2024

Hector Barajas
(323) 314-3342

Statement on California Supreme Court Ruling on Taxpayer Protection Act

SACRAMENTO, CA—The Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act (TPA) campaign issued the following statement from Rob Lapsley, president of the California Business Roundtable, Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and Matthew Hargrove, president and CEO of the California Business Properties Association:

“Today’s ruling is the greatest threat to democracy California has faced in recent memory. Governor Newsom has effectively erased the voice of 1.43 million voters who signed the petition to qualify the Taxpayer Protection Act for the November ballot. Most importantly, the governor has cynically terminated Californians’ rights to engage in direct democracy despite his many claims that he is a defender of individual rights and democracy. Evidently, the governor wants to protect democracy and individual rights in other states, but not for all Californians.

We are disappointed that the California Supreme Court has put politics ahead of the Constitution, disregarding long-standing precedent that they should not intervene in an election before voters decide qualified initiatives.

Direct democracy and our initiative process are now at risk with this decision, showing California is firmly a one-party state where the governor and Legislature can politically influence courts to block ballot measures that threaten their ability to increase spending and raise taxes. Using the courts to block voters’ voices is the latest effort from the Democrats’ supermajority to remove any accountability measures that interfere with their agenda – a failed agenda that continues to drive up the cost of living with little accountability and few results.

This ruling sends a damning message to businesses in California and across the country that it is politically perilous to invest and grow jobs for the future.

In light of this ruling and the state’s large budget deficit, a huge amount of tax increases are on the way that are sure to make California’s cost of living even higher.

We will continue to explore our legal options and fight for the people’s right to hold their government accountable through direct democracy.”


About Californians for Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability
Californians for Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability is a bipartisan coalition of homeowners, taxpayers, and businesses committed to ensuring California remains affordable for families and accountable to its voters. For more information, visit www.taxpayerprotection.com.

Paid for by Californians for Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability, sponsored by California homeowners, taxpayers, and businesses. Committee Top Funders California Business Roundtable, California Business Properties Association, Gerald J. Marcil

Taxpayer Protection Act – https://taxpayerprotection.com/

Californians for Safer Communities – https://casafecommunities.com/